Mini Instant UVC sterilizer

Mini Instant UVC sterilizer
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The small and exquisite UVC sterilizer on the market, the sterilizer uses high-efficiency and energy-saving UVC special wavelength ultraviolet light to sterilize and disinfect the surface of the object, and is very strong against common bacteria and viruses such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and influenza virus. The lethality reached 99.9% sterilization rate in 5 seconds. The mini instant sterilizer connects the mobile phone to plug and play, and the two models cover most smart phones, Apple mobile phone Lighting interface or Android mobile phone Type-C interface. In life, people come into contact with people, carry-on items, homes, workplaces, bacteria, viruses everywhere, horicreate micro-immediate sterilizer can help you worry, sterilize the surface of the object at any time, avoiding the use of a lot of bacteria And affect health. Micro instant sterilizer is widely used, pick up the mobile phone (Lightning interface / Type-C interface optional) plug and play, 5-10 seconds to deal with common bacteria, viruses. main application 1. Household items, kitchen utensils, washing tools, etc., to solve people's home and travel sterilization needs; 2. After cleaning the baby products, pacifiers, toys, dinettes, etc., the bacteria are still breeding. With the instant sterilizer, the bacteria and virus DNA are destroyed instantly; 3. Out-of-office defense, such as bus handrails, public toilets, shopping carts, and tiny wounds; 4. Office environment, keyboard and mouse, cash register keyboard, telephone headset, conference room supplies, etc.; 5. Personal belongings, watches, jewelry, various cards, key cases, etc. All in all, the horicreate micro-immediate sterilizer is small in appearance and versatile, all in order to deal with bacteria and viruses around you. Specifications Name: Micro Instant Sterilizer Power: 0.4w Output voltage: 5V Net weight: 3g Input voltage: DC3.7V Gross weight: 20g Product size: 30*10*15mm Packing size: 90*70*16mm

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